Welcome to Aikido 合気道

Aikido is a Japanese martial art that can be practiced by men and women of any age. This martial art belongs to the ancient Japanese Budo tradition but being developed around 1920 by Morihei Ueshiba (1883-1969), it is one of the youngest member of this tradition.

Morihei Ueshiba has combined many different aspects of martial arts into a system which does not meet force with force but aims at blending with and re-directing the energy of an attacker and to bring him under control through throws and pins. The movements are graceful, effective and seem deceivingly simple, often based upon ancient sword fighting techniques. The attacker will notice that the more speed power he puts into an attack the faster and harder the energy returns.

No Children lessons during Autumn holiday from 14 till 22 October 2023

During the Autumn holiday from 14 till 22 October, there will be no children Aikido lessons on Tuesday 17th and Thursday 19th at the Poort.

Have a good holiday, stay save and see you all starting from Tuesday 24 October 2023.

Seminar Shoyukan with Ito Shihan and Daniel Jean Pierre Shihan

From 12 till 18 August we went with members to Shoyukan Summer seminar in South of France. 

We met friends from years before and from Japan, Romania and Bulgaria.
It was again a memorable seminar with spacial thanks to Nathalie and all the helping hands.

Shoyukan Summer Seminar 2023 with Ito Shihan



Seminar in Sofia with Ito Sensei

From Friday 24 till Sunday 26 February, Silvia and Robert Sensei went to the seminar organized by Tendokan Dojo Sofia conducted by Ito Sensei.

2023 02 24 AC Ito sensei01

Start with Aikido in the new year !

2023 is here !
Aikido Centraal is resuming the lessons starting from Monday 9th January 2023.

From Tuesday 10th the children lessons resume.
On the Thursday evening, we started a Youth lesson (13 years and older) on Thursday from 19:30-20:30h

Schedule adult

Monday 19:30-20:30
Wednesday 19.30-20.30
Friday 19.30-20.30
Saturday 12.00-13.00
Adult lessons are in Dojo Houtrust.

Schedule children

Tuesday 17.30-18.15 6-8 years
                18.30-19.30 9-12 years + younsters 13-17 years
Thursday 17.00-18.15 6-8 years
                18.30-19.30 9-12 years
                19.30-20.30 13-17 years
Children lessons are in Dojo De Poort.
Looking forward to seeing you again in the DOJO.
See you on the tatami!