Beginners trial:
The beginners trial is 2 weeks, starting from the first day of practice.
After the 2 weeks you can continue as a regular member.

Regular membership.

The monthly contribution is for,

  • 16 years and older € 45,- a month, any nummer of trainings a week
  • children from 13 - 15 years  € 35,-  a month, any nummer of trainings a week.
  • children up to 12 years
    • € 25,- a month one time a week.
    • € 35,- a month two times a week.
      drop-in fee for occasional extra lesson € 5,- per lesson.

From 12 years and older there is no restriction on how many times you can practice.

You may cancel your membership at anytime with 1 month notice.

Invoices are sent one time a month around the 20th for month.
A monthly automatic bank transfer is preferred. For more see Practical Information.

For children until 15 years the month July and August are due free.

Aikido centraal is a member of Aikido Bond Nederland. All Aikido Centraal members pay a yearly membership contribution. This is € 22,00 for 16 years and older and € 11,00 up untill 15 years. This membership fee is included in the monthly dues.