Saturday practice on sand !

Last Saturday we had a good workout with Suzuki sensei and Robert sensei in the dunes.

Some cardio, strength, coordination with and without a ball and stetching of the body. We worked on perseverance, concentration, honesty, loyalty and much more.

After that we did the 1st Jo kata from Tada sensei.

IMG 20210417 10272719.04.2021

#binnensportnietbuitenspel #Aikidocentraal

First children Aikido lessons 2021 !

On Thursday 18 March 2021 we had our first Aikido lesson for childrens in 2021 !

Many came and enjoyed the outdoor lesson althought it was cold and mostly dry.

IMG 20210318 162648 19.03.2021















We will continue with outdoor Aikido lesson twice a week on Thursday and Tuesday starting from 30th March.

budo practice during lock down

Dear Aikidoka''s and parents,
As of today we are in a full lock down.
Since we are budo practitioners, now is the time to show our strong spirit and to continue our path toward self-perfection outside the dojo. Also as Takeda Tokimune summarizes it: 
"The most important thing for us is to live with a righteous heart. If this is in our mind, it will be in our technique. Students must train their minds in order to complete their training as human beings. This must be the ultimate goal."
As you know Aikido stands for harmony and love, so let's commit to kindness, and be kind not only to others but also to ourselves. 
Herewith, we would also like to thank you for your commitment to our Dojo and the hard work you put in your practice. 
We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Very truly yours
Silvia Marton, Robert van den Bosch and Koichiro Suzuki

All Aikido lessons cancelled !

Starting from monday 14-12-2020, 24:00h all indoor sport activities for children and adults are not aloud.

All Aikido lessons in both locations, Houtrust and De Poort, are cancelled untill at least monday 18th Januari 2021

Keep save and healthy.